Invest in Your Health

Invest in Your Health

It’s all about fish oil for me these days.

I’ve taken the care to exercise for years, but I’ve had my lax periods.  I’ve also had periods of time where I’ve toured for months at a time with my old band.  I’d contort my body night after night with no regard for what my body was willingto do.  It all came down to performance.

The results have been some aches and pains creeping into my joints where I know there had been none before.  I’m sure the years of track and field and ice hockey only added to that slow creeping.

I’ve seen the praises of Glucosamine for years.  I’m certainly thinking about adding that to my daily vitamin regimen; however, working at the Dragontree has really tuned me onto the widespread benefits of fish oils.

Most fish oils that you can find at any store are just that: 1,000 mg of oil with a little bit of the omegas that are REALLY the nutritional powerhouse.  The rest of the stuff is just extra (not so useful) fat.  Search for an oil that has the highest percentage of omega to milligrams of fish oil.  THAT is where the wonder food lies.

I’ll never forget a woman coming in who was so concerned about her fat intake that she didn’t want to even consider the benefits of fish oil.  I tried my best to explain that fat in the diet is essential.  It’s an essential building block forthe brain!  The trend towards low fat foods has actually further increased our sugar intake.  Our increase in sugar intake has only made us fatter.  Fat makes us feel full, so we eat less.  Proper “healthy” fats then help metabolize what we’ve taken in.

See, the body can handle only so much sugar at a time.  The stuff that isn’t immediately usable gets stored as fat for later…  It’s stored for those times of famine that we experienced millions of years ago.

But, I digress.  I’ve noticed such an improvement in the function of my joints and a great diminishing of those little ol’ aches that seemed to be creeping in.

Want a partial list of the benefits of ahigh quality fish oil?  It’s pretty impressive:

  • Promotes Cardiovascular Health & Protects Against Heart Attack and Stroke
  • ReducesI nflammation/Pain and Promotes Healthy Joints
  • Supports Mental Focus & Long-Term Cognitive Function
  • Supports Positive Mood & Emotional Well-being
  • Promotes Eye Health
  • Promotes Optimal Fat Metabolism
  • Lowers Risk of Prostate, Breast & Colorectal Cancer

So, if you’ve been thinking about one simple little thing to invest infor your health, I’m rooting for fish oil.

Dragontree does carry some of the highest quality brands available.  Liquid form will get you more bang per spoonful, but if you hate the taste or keep forgetting about it in the refrigerator, then do consider capsule form.  It will take a few more capsules, but at least you’llbe getting it in there to experience it’s many benefits.

I can tell you right now, it’s very worth it.


Meredith DeLoca

Assistant Spa Director

The Dragontree PDX

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