Articles on pain and related topics:

Aging and Stagnant Circulation – This article explains the role of stagnation in aging, and what can be done about it. It’s much broader than just pain, but an important read for anyone who is getting older or who has dealt with chronic pain.

The Amazing New Technique … That’s Been Sweeping the World for the Past 2000 Years – For at least two millennia, people have been using frictioning techniques. Recently they have been presented to the public by some opportunists as brand new, cutting edge science.

Are You Sure That’s Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? – There are many muscles in the arms, neck, and upper back that can cause pain that might be mistaken for carpal tunnel syndrome. If your wrist and hand pain is muscular in origin, this is good news.

The Case for a Natural External Pain Reliever – Why we should be using external analgesics instead of internal ones.

How to Manage Your Joint Pain Without Drugs – A twelve part series on a wide range of nutritional supplements and medical modalities to diminish or eliminate your joint pain.

Is that Crushed Glass on the Floor? No, That’s Just My Plantar Fasciitis – This painful condition is more treatable, and in a shorter time frame, than most people know.

It’s Not Just for Tennis Players Anymore: Pain at the Outside of the Elbow – An explanation of what’s going on here, and all sorts of things you can do about it.

The Limitations of Stretching (And How to Do it Right) – Why stretching isn’t always the solution to pain, and how to stretch in a healthy way.

Knee Pain? Read Before Getting Surgery – For most cases of knee pain, arthroscopic surgery is hugely overrated.

Migraines: Sometimes What Doesn’t Kill You Just Makes You Wish You Were Dead – A review of the therapies and lifestyle changes I consider most valuable for preventing and alleviating migraines.

Mind Over Misery: Mental Techniques for Pain Relief – A wide range of techniques based on visualization and/or energy balancing. Esoteric and effective.

Moxa: Therapeutic Fire – The age-old practice of moxibustion, the burning of an herb – mugwort or “moxa” – over the skin, can be magically effective at treating certain kinds of pain.

Neck Pain: Get on the Ball – How to treat most cases of neck pain by rolling on a small ball.

Posture: It’s About More Than Looking Respectable – Good posture yields all sorts of health benefits – both physical and psychological – including pain relief.

The Role of Diet in Chronic Pain – Foods that promote inflammation are often a major contributor – and occasionally the sole cause – of chronic pain.

Seven Things You Should Know About Pain – A quick and dirty review of key concepts in pain management.

Thigh Pain and Other Strange Leg Sensations – Where it could be coming from and what to do.

Transcend Your Pain – How changing your thinking around pain can be liberating.

Travel Pain Free – Essential practices for anyone who’s in pain and/or travels frequently.

Trigger Points: A Revolution Waiting to Happen – Trigger point theory, developed initially by Janet Travell, MD, explains why and how the majority of our pain occurs.

Water: The New Big Thing – Good hydration is critical to a pain-free body.

What Makes a Good Massage – How to determine if your massage therapist is good, and what to look for in order to get the most out of a massage.

When to Use Heat and Cold for Pain – Information everyone should know. Cold is greatly overused, and can actually hinder the healing process.

You’re One Breath Away From Feeling Better – How to breathe through pain.


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