The Well Life Coaching Program: Be a light seeker, a light holder, a light warrior

The Well Life Coaching Program: Be a light seeker, a light holder, a light warrior

A few years ago, we were in the middle of a Kickstarter campaign to get our first book funded and suddenly the money stopped coming in. We had raised about $20,000 of our $25,000 goal and there were just five days left. If we didn’t hit our goal we wouldn’t get a dime. And we had hit up virtually every friend, acquaintance, and family member we could think of.

We had written this book, The Dreambook, to convey something that most people never learn: how to figure out what you really want, how to discover your gifts and purpose, how to set goals to shape your life around these qualities, and how to keep things fun along the way. After years of treating people for physical and mental health issues, it had become increasingly clear to us that there was an even greater need for these skills of vision and life architecture.

I was on the Kickstarter website, staring at the “money thermometer,” which, after steadily rising for a few weeks, had come to a standstill.

Just then, my phone rang. The woman on the other end introduced herself as Brandy and she said she had seen our Kickstarter campaign. “I want to offer you a healing session,” she said. “You see, I have an intuitive gift, and I’m being strongly pulled to assist you. I’m feeling that whatever this book is that you and your wife have written, it’s going to help a lot of people. The world needs it.”

I like to think I know a good omen when I see it, so I agreed. I can be pretty skeptical about this sort of thing, but I decided to stay open about it. She led me through a meditative process over the phone and explained that she was clearing some things up on my behalf. It felt good, and I thanked her for her generosity.

Over the next several days, we received nearly $15,000 in contributions. We exceeded our goal by almost $10,000. We published the book and quickly sold out. We reprinted it and sold out again. And again. And again.

Since then, we’ve expanded on our teachings in two additional books and online courses. More than 100,000 people have used our materials, and an online community has grown around this work which includes over 12,000 members who offer each other support.

So, the woman on the phone (who has since become a friend) was right: it has helped a lot of people!

We’ve been astounded by the impact. So many people have transformed their lives – and not just in ways that benefit themselves, but also in ways that help others and strengthen communities. Our hearts swell just thinking about these amazing folks.

Since almost the beginning, people have been asking us, “Can you train me to coach others using this framework?” Finally, we can say YES.

We’re excited to present The Well Life Coaching Program.

We understand how gratifying it is to help someone discover what lights them up and assist them to bring it to life. There’s nothing like getting to be a part of the emergence of someone’s potential. And we know there are countless people out there who have a gift for this work.

In the Coaching Program you’ll learn how to earn a living by helping people build balanced, happy, meaningful lives. Some of the many topics we cover include:

  • How to help clients establish a strong foundation in physical and psychological health
  • How to build rapport, how to listen and be present, and how to take the dialog deeper
  • How to utilize the language of the natural world to understand and correct patterns of imbalance
  • How to help clients establish healthy life structures that will enable them to manage busy lives without feeling overwhelmed
  • How to succeed in your own practice – whether it’s brand new or already well-established and ready for growth
  • And much, much (MUCH) more

The Coaching Program also includes an eight-week module called Sacred Expansion. It will help you find deep alignment; establish a connection with your own highest self; uncover and release habits of thinking and behavior that are holding you back; establish healthy boundaries; and in numerous other ways, help you become healthy and clear within yourself so that you can be more effective at helping others.

For those who wish to go further, we’ll be offering a higher level Illuminator training. Illuminators participate in an in-person session with us and will receive instruction in advanced coaching and facilitation skills, a deeper exploration of the processes and tools learned in the Coaching program and guidance in how to utilize a connection to universal energy for powerful healing and growth.

The best part is that all profits from these courses will be donated to The Well Life Foundation to assist women in transition with these life-changing tools!

If you’re interested in joining us in this exhilarating work, please check it out.

Be well,

Peter and Briana Borten

Serve Your community with depth and heart – Become a Well Life Coach

  • Dana Atwell
    Posted at 09:32h, 04 April Reply

    I am very interested in this. (I didn’t even know it until now :). Can you tell me what the cost will be?

    • Briana Borten
      Posted at 17:08h, 04 April Reply

      Hi Dana, I’m so happy that you feel called to do this work! The investment for the program is $2,175. We do have payment plans available (you can see them in your shopping cart when you checkout).

      If there are any other questions we can answer for you please let me know.

  • Lourdes
    Posted at 02:44h, 05 April Reply

    When does the program starts? I am very interested and I’m signing for the payment plan.
    How long is the program for? Do. Become a Certified Life Coach when I finish the program?
    Does the total price of $2,175 includes the Illuminator training?
    Thank you,

  • Sallie Durette
    Posted at 21:18h, 28 May Reply

    Hi. I am incredibly interested in the work that Brandy did with you over the phone. I’ve been using my Dreambook, but there are some dots that just aren’t connecting for me in my life. I would love to experience a clearing from someone that really knows what they’re doing. Would you be willing to pm me with the details, and whether she might be willing to work with me? Thank you so much. (I loved reading about your journey.) Sallie

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