What are you feeling right now?

What are you feeling right now?

In this video, Dr. Peter Borten explains the basics of Body Centered Releasing, and the powerfully positive effect this practice can have on your life. Learning to use your body to make peace with inner conflicts and let things go is always preferable to resisting and holding on to emotions by trapping them inside. Body Centered releasing lets us BE with each moment in a way that allows for more freedom.

Dr. Borten also introduces The Freedom Journal – The Dragontree’s new workbook that will help you guide yourself through this process of saying yes to each moment as it comes while always keeping some awareness on your physical felt experience. Instead of trying to revisit the past or anticipate the future, you’re able to stop resisting and be in the reality of the present moment – and your whole life changes.



Get Freedom: A Simple Ritual For Letting Go

  • Marta Kerin
    Posted at 15:47h, 09 September Reply

    Love it

  • Kendal
    Posted at 06:13h, 03 November Reply

    Can you use it starting with a feeling in your body instead of a specific emotion?

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