Say YES to Swedana

Say YES to Swedana

One of our fabulous therapists (Hannah), has been going through training for our Swedana treatment.  After completing her training Hannah expressed how excited she was to learn this treatment because it was so “awesome” and therapeutic and she didn’t know why more people didn’t do a Swedana coupled with a massage.  Hannah’s excitement was contagious and prompted me to get a Swedana treatment from her….which I’m so glad I did!


A Swedana is a 30 minute treatment where you lie underneath a steam tent while your therapist massages your scalp and face.  During the treatment cold towels are placed on your neck and your face to regulate your body temperature.  This treatment is great for detoxing the body and really helps to relax your muscles.


I have to say, I’m not really a “heat” person but I was really curious about this treatment.   It took a couple of minutes for me to settle into the heat but after about 5 minutes my mind was elsewhere along with my body which seemed to float.  Of course I was sweating under the tent but it didn’t feel like I was at the desert or something just a blanket of warmth enveloping my being.  The scalp massage was great to transcend my mind into another world and the cool towels kept me from becoming uncomfortable.  Within no time it was time for me to get out of the tent and off to the showers to rinse off.  I felt light as a feather and felt my body completely detoxed.


Definitely something I will plan to do on a seasonal basis to start things out right!

-Robert G (NW Thurman Spa Director)

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