When you feel worn out (and worn down) from pain that’s plaguing you, it’s hard to move the way you want—let alone live the life you can’t stop dreaming about. From dull aches in your knees to shooting, sharp pangs up your back, you can find relief from that pain.



First things first, let’s talk about pain. At its core, pain is your brain telling you it thinks you’re in danger. It’s the nervous system’s attempt at getting you to change something. But, while pain can be useful in the short term—like telling you to pull your hand away from a hot stove—chronic pain usually has no purpose. Think of it like a fault in the alarm system, screaming a warning when no danger exists. All it’s really doing is decreasing your quality of life.



So how do we repair the alarm and quiet the warning bells? Multidisciplinary treatments work best, since we can approach the problem from every angle, blending Eastern and Western medicine together in a perfect complement of pain relief.



More than 26% of Americans over 20 said they struggled with pain lasting longer than 24 hours sometime in the past month. 50 million Americans are partially or totally disabled with pain. And 45% of all Americans need care for persistent pain at some point over their lives.



All of this pain.

One solution.


With Live Pain Free, you learn not just to understand your pain, but overcome it.


After all, pain keeps you from being completely you, adding to the chaos of your day-to-day and diminishing your quality of life. But with knowledge comes relief from the pain that’s been plaguing you—both physical and emotional.

With Live Pain Free, you will get:



Perfect Timing



As a self-study, work at your own pace video series, you’ll never fall behind or need to sit through videos or read in-depth PDFs that don’t apply to you. It’s exactly what you need, exactly when you need it.



Lifetime Access



Whether you need the series for weeks or years, your private login will let you access the comprehensive video library, PDF downloads, guided audio meditations, and Pain Expert tool anytime, from anywhere, for as long as the course is offered.

Multidisciplinary Approaches
Eastern medicine might feel more beneficial for you, or Western medicine might hold the key to your healing. No matter the method, every angle of pain is covered so you can start your path to recovery.



Here’s what you can expect:



? Understand pain from Eastern & Western perspectives.

? Master when, why, and how to apply heat and cold, plus a wide range of natural topical pain relievers, including herbs, essential oils, minerals, and more.

? Learn several different breathing methods that alleviate pain and calm the nervous system.

? Alter your perception of pain, by moving and changing the quality of pain, making peace with pain, and ending longstanding pain patterns. (These techniques can change your life.)

? Discover how to choose the most effective points for clearing your pain pattern, while learning how to find and release trigger points, how to choose effective acupressure points, and how to do basic myofascial release on yourself.

? Learn acupoint tapping techniques through Dr. Borten’s extensive experience, teaching you exactly how to overcome your pain, as well as the negative thoughts and feelings associated with it.

? Recognize how hydration, exercise, posture, diet, sleep, food sensitivities, supplements, and stress figure into your pain patterns, and how to optimize all of these different factors for your optimal wellness.

Meet the incredibly comprehensive set of tools for finally freeing yourself—and your life—from pain. There’s no other product, book, seminar, or video series that addresses pain from so many different angles, nearly guaranteeing relief from the aching, throbbing, and hurting.

For the price of a single massage, acupuncture treatment, or chiropractic adjustment, you can arm yourself with a lifetime’s worth of tools for managing your own pain—and not just the physical stuff, but the emotional pain, too.

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