Peace on Earth Begins With You

Peace on Earth Begins With You


For eleven years, our slogan has been “A Peaceful World Begins With a Peaceful You.” The massage, acupuncture, and skin care we offer do a pretty good job of making our clients peaceful, but we recognize that there’s more to peace than what external influences can accomplish.

Have you ever been in an argument and had a little voice in your mind say, “I could end this right now”? Maybe you realized that if you just shifted your intention to achieving harmony instead of being right, the conflict could be immediately dissipated.

Have you ever prepared a negative review, a diatribe on something that outraged you, or a barbed retort to someone’s comment, then had the thought that there would be nothing purposeful about it – that to share this would only serve to disturb the peace of those who read it?

It can be hard to surrender the appeal of conflict and choose peace instead. But, when we have these moments of clarity, we get an inkling of just how much power we have to affect our environment.

If you were to commit yourself to peace, you could enhance your every circumstance. Imagine how this would ripple through the people you encounter, to the people they encounter. You don’t need to be famous, you don’t need to go anywhere, and you don’t need to fundamentally change your everyday life in order to make a difference.

Just dedicate your holidays to peace. Smile upon the world and notice how it smiles back.

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