Below are articles I’ve written on mostly non-physical health topics – psychology, spirituality, life architecture, Daoism, Five Element philosophy, Nature, meditation, etc.

28 Keys to Managing Stress – A follow-up to The Anatomy of Stress, this is basically a list of 28 lifestyle factors that help us to be resilient in the presence of stress.

Aging and Stagnant Circulation – An article on the epidemic of impeded circulation that is the primary cause of aging and death. Although there’s much discussion of the physical factors, mental and emotional ones are also instrumental in this process.

The Anatomy of Stress – What is stress really? The work of Hans Selye and how stress affects us.

Ayurveda Series – A few introductory articles on the traditional medical system of India:

Part One: The Art of Life – Rather than focusing on fixing problems, Ayurveda is truly the Art of a Healthy Life.

Part Two: Does Karma Bite Asses? – What is Karma, really? Is the universe really keeping tabs on your good and bad deeds?

Part Three: Before You Name Your Child Dosha – All about the system of defining the mind-body constitution (prakriti) via three basic qualities, known as doshas.

Part Four: The Joints of Life – What Ayurveda says about changes of season and other junctures of life, and how to manage them healthily.

Becoming a Mental Rockstar – This article primarily explores physical things you can do to enhance your mental sharpness; also some discussion of psychological factors and approaches.

The Big Picture – Most medicine (whether biological or psychological in its orientation) looks at only a narrow slice of the myriad factors that interact with human health. An ambitious exploration of what it means to be truly holistic.

Committed to Happiness – How to sign up for happy relationships and a happy overall life.

Daoism Series:

The Magical Life – Daoism is simplicity. Tuning in with your whole self.

Nature’s Crystal Ball – The Yi Jing (I Ching) – How the natural world helps us understand cycles of change and perhaps even predict the future

The Language of the Seasons – The cycles of the five elements, reflected in the five seasons, reflected in our lives and in every endeavor.

Detoxing from the Holidays – Whether it’s too much food, too much family drama, or too much commercialism … what to do about it.

Devotion to All Individuals: Conventions and Alternatives in Health – Are we really progressive, or are we just resistant to having anyone tell us what to do?

Does This Attitude Make My Life Look Big? – How to become an optimist.

The Drama Fast – Choosing not to partake in conflict. One of the best cleanses you can do.

The Essence and Lessons of Autumn – The autumn time of year – and the autumn in each day and each event cycle – presents us with challenges and opportunities for growth.

The Essence and Lessons of Spring – Springtime (and the spring in any cycle) has a lot to teach. Also some tips on spring cleansing.

The Essence and Lessons of Summer and the Fire Element – An exploration of the dynamics, challenges, and teachings of the summer season and its paired element, fire.

An Experiment in Shaping Life – Our relationships to the anniversaries of events that cut a deep groove & suggestions for reframing them.

Five Reasons to Take Care of Yourself – Some people need to be inspired. Here are some reasons to start taking better care of yourself! And a whole lot of suggestions of ways to care.

Forgiveness: The Ultimate Cleanse – We hear about cleanses for the body all the time; this one is a cleanse for the mind.

Getting Through the Winter – Approaches for fighting the gloom of the dark season.

Go Be Fascinated – Let Nature be your teacher, find fascination everywhere, and watch your life change permanently.

How to Get Lucky on Valentine’s Day – Why we’re confused about love, and how to get it.

If You Show Me Yours, I’ll Show You Mine: The Fire Within the Heart – From the earliest playground betrayals to the harder knocks of life, our instinctive response is to close our hearts. What happens if we open them instead?

Introduction to Daoist Philosophy – Not exactly a full-spectrum survey of Daoism, I’ve just discussed some of the most accessible facets of Daoist thought that can make a big difference in our lives.

The Joys of Taking Your Medicine – Doing things that feel good is real medicine.

Keys to a Long Life – Not just longer but better. Richer. Sweeter. More connected. The stuff that makes a life worth lengthening.

The Kindness of Trees – The Wood Element, as exemplified by every tree, teaches us true kindness and benevolence.

Listen to the Song That’s Stuck in Your Head – How our unconscious choices of media shape our experience of life.

Love, the Verb – On the nature of Love and why it’s always available to you.

Meditation and the Lottery – Why you need to start meditating. It’s like playing the lottery.

Meditation Series:

The Laser Light Show Meditation – The most entertaining form of meditation ever invented.

13 Reasons to Meditate – In case you need more convincing.

What to Do When Meditation is Too Hard – Techniques for getting around the obstacles.

The Stick and Carrot Show – The value of sticks in meditation and why meditation is going to save your life.

Mind Over Misery – Although this is, on the surface, a series of articles for pain relief, these techniques can be used for all kinds of pain – mental, emotional, and physical.

The Obstacle Course: How to View Life’s Upsets as Challenges – How plants teach us to grow when met with adversity.

The Opening and Closing of Love – The role of the heart in love and consciousness, and the consequences of closing or opening this “organ.”

Qi (Chi) Series: Understanding the Energy Matrix of the Universe

Why The Human Body Can Be Changed in an Instant – And why you can’t walk through walls.

Understanding and Utilizing Your Body’s Energy Networks – How to access the wisdom of Qi medicine.

Tuning Qi With Feng Shui – Basic principles on adjusting living spaces and communities for optimal health and energy flow.

Power of the Voice Series – I received a surprising amount of positive feedback on all of these articles about the power of the human voice – energetically, sonically, spiritually, socially, etc. It’s an amazing faculty.

Embracing Your Inner Mermaid – Opening to the power in using your voice.

The Sound of Healing – The potential of our voice and sounds of all sorts to promote healing.

The Alchemy of Voice – Using the voice to resolve stagnation and blockage.

Honor the Word and Be Honored in the World – Integrity, agreements, and the role of the voice in creation and trust.

Your Voice and the Throat Chakra – The energetic and psycho-spiritual implications of this energy center and its main power – speech.

Rituals for Thriving – The attitude with which you care for yourself is everything. Why and how to do it for best results.

The Singular Value of Rest – What happens when we deprioritize rest and how to get your life back.

Skin, the Final Frontier – The fascinating interpretation of skin rashes in homeopathic theory and how to treat skin conditions holistically.

Take the Driver’s Seat this Year – A good article for the beginning of a year – choosing a theme to define your year and allowing your agreements to propel you.

Think the Saw Down the Line – How to shape your life.

Think the Saw Down the Line, Part Two – More on the mechanics of manifestation.

Transcend Your Pain – Although this is a pain article, I decided to copy it in this section because it speaks to the psychological mechanisms behind the perpetuation of pain.

Weight Loss: No More Uphill, No More Battle – How our beliefs contribute to our struggle with weight, and what you can do about it.

What Does the Holiday Season Mean to You? – The story of my confusion about religion as a child, my rejection of religion as a teenager, coming to terms with it as an adult, and what I see as the common transcendent themes of the winter holidays. Likely to push some buttons.

You Are the Light of the World – How to recognize where you’re blaming yourself, how to forgive yourself, and how to let your light shine.

Your Needs List: Rock Your Relationship – After having given out about a hundred copies of an earlier version of this article to my patients over the years, I decided it was time to update it – and get some input from my wife. Essential reading for anyone in a serious relationship.


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