Full body massage… at the airport?

Full body massage… at the airport?

Oftentimes when flying, travelers may find themselves with a few minutes to spare prior to their flight, just enough time to get a bite to eat and a quick chair massage to address those shoulder knots. However, there are those *fun* times when travel plans get a full upheaval with an unexpectedly long flight delay or layover time. This happened even more than usual over the past few months, when much of the country was experiencing quite the winter storm.

Passengers are always pleasantly surprised by our oasis-like feel, and simply ‘spotting the tree’ can bring a huge sigh of relief, particularly when that 25 minute layover has suddenly become a 2 and a half hour layover.

But imagine the surprise of turning that time, usually spent standing around, catching up on your reading, or browsing knickknacks, into a spa day?

At our Portland International Airport location, in addition to our Sangha Room chair massage treatments, we have two private treatment rooms, where we offer a range of styles of therapeutic full body massage. We also offer a menu of ancient Ayurvedic spa treatments, such as Garshana, a traditional exfoliating massage done with raw silk gloves, using long strokes on the body to increase circulation to help increase the elimination of dead skin cells. The skin is the main eliminative organ of the body, and we could all use help eliminating stress and impurities, especially when travelling! Our Glowing Grace package, consisting of the Garshana service paired with a full body massage, is a great way to melt the time away, as well as your stress level, so you arrive at your destination feeling open and ready to receive whatever gifts the world has for you. So next time you find yourself with some time to kill before your flight, go online and book your treatment, or come visit us, across from C11. Surely, after your visit, you will wonder why you haven’t been working us into your travel plans every time you fly.

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