Giving Myself A TIME OUT!!

Giving Myself A TIME OUT!!

As a massage therapist and the mother of a burgeoning teen aged daughter, it can be all too easy for me to feel as though I need to be in perpetual motion. In order to get that high school application written, get dinner made, take the dog to the vet and be present for middle school heartbreak all after a day’s work and commute it can be easy to put off any idea of taking a breather for myself that I might have had in mind. The tide does not always move in one direction however and neither do my mental physical and emotional cycles.

A couple of weeks ago I had one of those phases where I felt as though I was struggling against the current trying to move to the shore while being pulled the other direction. These are the things I noticed.

I wanted to keep “getting it ALL done” while feeling mildly irritated and unable to take the time to complete things with efficiency or grace.

I noticed my sleep wasn’t feeling restful and my food wasn’t feeling nourishing.

I felt less able to take things as they came and adjust to changes without it causing stress.

I felt less able to be as present or mindful with everyone in my environment as I know I should be.

Luckily for me I have chosen a wonderful profession. I have been blessed to have the opportunity to work with some amazing clients who often help me to remember what is important. One such amazing woman shared with me the benefits her whole family enjoys by her visits to the Dragontree. Dealing with some pain issues she suffers from in a healthy way and taking a day out to nourish herself helps her return to her family centered and happy to help with potty training, home work, and decompression time with her husband. It’s like your mother says. You can’t take care of others if you don’t take care of yourself first.

This started the trickle of an epiphany and right after that session I drove to school to pick up another Epiphany(yes, this is my daughter’s name). She was in a great mood and shared with me that she had woken up in the morning and decided two things. The first was the realization that even if there are bad things in the world feeling bad “sucks” so she is going to choose to feel good and not let things get to her whenever possible. The second was a goal to be more outgoing. She had a great day as a result.

That night I took some time out to sit outside and make some goals of my own.

I will not always check my email on my days off.

I will take things off my plate for a day or two when I begin to feel the need knowing I will be more effective later if I do.

I will keep up on receiving massage.

I will remember that when the tide is pulling me away from shore it is not progress lost. If I do not waste my energy and fight being still I can look at the shore from a different perspective and make adjustments that will put me where I want to be with more ease.

In short I will give myself an adult TIME OUT!


Chrissy Claybrook

Lead Trainer


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    Hey aunt!!! That was great!

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