A Star is Born

A Star is Born

A Star Is Born!

On Wednesday, February 6th, our beloved receptionist, Angela Sarac was recognized as a Portland International Airport CUSTOMER SERVICE SUPERSTAR. She was invited to the annual PDX Make the Connection Banquet and I was so thrilled to have her hard work and awesome attitude toward making the best experience for our clients and anyone visiting the airport acknowledged. It is not unusual to find Angie going out of her way to make sure that every detail of a guest’s experience is considered and she can be counted on to go well above just the minimum expectation.

Although it may seem unusual to think in terms of customer service at an airport, it is definitely not unusual to experience it here at PDX. The Port and all of the business operators make it a tremendous focus and I often not only hear about, but experience for myself what this means. Time and time again I hear feedback about how much people love coming to this airport versus others in the nation…and the world for that matter. Having been here for almost 3 years now, I have seen many acts of kindness and many situations that continue to remind me of the need to act with compassion and be ready to do so at any given moment, much like Angie does. With an emphasis on making sure that there is customer service training, locally owned retailers and restaurants, same as street pricing, local musicians and artwork it is no wonder that this is an award winning airport and I am so thankful for our very own award winner, Angie.

Dominee Cagle

Spa Director

Dragontree PDX


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